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File /var/lib/hsqldb/live-update/liveupdatedb.log is getting to Big


Hi all,


I´m finding something strange in my viprion guest. I have ASM guest provisioned on a Viprion with 2 Slots. As strange as it looks on slot 2 while i was doing my disk space verifications i noticed that the file /var/lib/hsqldb/live-update/liveupdatedb.log, has about 113MB which is a lot compared to the 2.6MB on slot 1.


The other viprion guest that has the exact same configs, just different networks and installed in a different geographic location, has a normal size for this file as well on both slots (about 3.7MB in slot 1 and slot 2 does not even get to 1MB).


I guess this has something to do with liveupdates, which i can do without problem.


I´m only asking because it should be about the same size and i want to know if this file is deletable, or if it will be deleted automatically since is a .log file.


Does anyone knows how is this file processed and why is it so big just on one of the slots?


I looked on KB and here on devcentral but found nothing usefull about it, just found some BUG but it is for when you cannot do the live updates of signatures, which is not the case.



I suggest opening a support case.