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F5 Software Update for DNS Device


Hello Dear F5 Community,

i would like to ask you few question that i cant understand on F5 article.

i will upgrade one of my customer VE devices from to 16.1.0, they are using DNS module.

and i prepare all the settings f5 recommend such as ; taking archive from both devices, re-activate their license, install the proper software,  verify the md5 with .iso but i saw and article regarding bigip dns software update.

here is the link for those who wonders:

my question is about Update the big3d process on all BIG-IP devices part on this doc.

as you know if bigip software is then big3d agent is automaticly using the version.

what will happen when i upgrade my standby device to 16.1.0 is big3d automaticly comes with 16.1.0 version.

so both device will not be same version big3d.

but document says big3d install command.

when will i update big3d. will i update big3d on my not upgraded active device after i fnish standby upgrade process? or what will happen when i turn on DNS > Settings > GSLB > General

  1. Select the Synchronize check box.

before both devices are not using same version of big3d?

any help regarding this guys?



Hello, This is why you stop the the "Synchonize" before the F5 DNS upgrade. Just upgrade your devices and then again enable the  dns sync. Also if you have LTM devices better to upgrade them first as written:


For more information refer to:


Also you may after the DNS HA upgrade to upgrade the big3d of any other DNS systems (if you have more than the two DNS devices that are active/standby) that are still the older version in the same DNS sync group: