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F5 in Azure - changing to BYOL?


If i install a pay-as-you-go F5 instance in Azure, is there a way to convert it to a bring-your-own license version?

Or would i have to export the config, create a new F5, and import?


F5 Employee
F5 Employee

You'll have to create a new VE, see K72636998 for additional details.


Actions that require you to create a new BIG-IP VE instance

Note: You must refer to your cloud service provider documentation for the additional steps required to create your new BIG-IP VE instance.

  • You convert your BYOL BIG-IP VE instance to a PAYG BIG-IP VE instance.
  • You convert your PAYG BIG-IP VE instance to a BYOL BIG-IP VE instance.
  • You change the throughput for your PAYG BIG-IP VE instance.
  • You deployed a 1-slot disk instance and want to upgrade or downgrade.

Note: For more information about migrating your configuration to a new BIG-IP instance on AWS, refer to K35355528: Migrating an existing AWS BIG-IP instance to a new instance.