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DoD CAC Auth with LTM



I am attempting to configure our F5s to require user to authenticate using their DoD CAC to gain access to our test apps behind the F5s. 

Originally, I've tried the following configuration within the SSL Client Profile, but the webpage did not display: 


Is there an iRule or another method that could resolve this? I was thinking the issue is from the SSL_CLIENT_CERT HTTP header missing, but I'm not sure. 




@b_carreker Is SSL termination being done at the F5 or being passed to the pool members?

SSL is being passed to the pool members. WE're set up for SSL bridging. 443 on both ends.

F5 Employee
F5 Employee

If you want to authenticate the user's client certificate on the BIG-IP then you use the Client SSL profile as you have done. When they connect they will be presented with a dialog box asking for a cert, if it is incorrect they will get an SSL error. This can also be done with APM which gives a nicer user experience ie it can tell them what went wrong, or you can do that with iRules.

However, if you then want to present that client certificate to the web server then you need to work out how to do that. Essentially there are two ways - add the client cert in an HTTP header (using an iRule or policy), or present it at the SSL layer using Client Certificate Constrained Delegation (C3D) 


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Community Manager

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