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custom health monitor for a specific node



we are required to create a custom health monitor for each node with different GET request values, we created the health monitor however when we enter the node then chose node specific from the health monitor it doesn't appear!, only a few health monitors available.

it seems that the custom health monitor is created on the pool health monitor level.

is there a way to create custom health monitor for a specific node  or there is some constrains on the f5 ?


Hi iiifa,


You can only assign simple monitors to nodes. 

Instead, you should assign the specific monitor to pool members.


Pool > Pool member > Configuration: Advanced > Health Monitors > Member Specific and select the monitor.


hey  ,

thank you for your feedback.

the case is I have 2 nodes in 1 pool and I want to check the health based on the following GET request:

GET /something HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\nConnection: Close\r\n\r\n


when attaching it to the pool both nodes marked as down ! I removed the host to only check the path /something on both nodes and it marked it as down.

also I have tried to add a host and add an Alias IP with no luck :(.