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Cisco ACE to F5 script



i want script to convert ACE configuration to F5, and how to use this script


Hi ,


there is a migration script on gitlab:

It is written . Last time I used it was approx. 2 years ago and it served me well.




Hi Daniel,


Thank you so much, but when i run the scrip i didn't find any files.

and i try to follow the instruction but no luck.

can you help me with details to run this script.




Hi Mostafa,


I am afraid I cannot help you any further. Last time I used these scripts was in 2018 or 2019. I don't have any old ACE config files to reproduce what I did back then. Sorry.




i have ACE configuration file, i can share it with you

Hi Mostafa,


meanwhile I went through my archive and dug out the PDF "Getting Started Guide, Cisco ACE Control Engine Module". I took three of configuration examples from this book and tested them with the ace2f5 converter.


Example: python3 -f ./ace-config-example1.txt


The result was always the same - it generated a couple of error message on the CLI and it generated three files. One .csv file with the config objects that the script discovered, one log file with the extension .log-yyyyMMddHHMM and one file with the extension .checking-yyyyMMddHHMM.

In the file with the extension .checking-... I found all the config snippets I needed for tmsh load sys config from-terminal merge.

Do you get any error when you run the script or any other output on the shell?