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BIND Forwarder Server List


If the DNS Lookup Server List is used to allow the BIG-IP to resolve FQDNs used for nodes and other network objects, what is the BIND Forwarder Server List used for? A recent manual say that the list 'provides DNS resolution for servers and other equipment load-balanced by the BIG-IP system (for the server that the BIG-IP system uses for DNS proxy services)', but it still isn't clear to me what this really means. How do clients consume this DNS proxy capability? Is this related to the DNS Relay Proxy component of the edge client?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @rob_carr - I thought I'd replied to this twice, but managed to not actually hit Reply or something. Anyway, good to see you around again - I've send this link to some colleagues for them to weigh in since nobody has answered you yet. 

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Community Manager

asking around @rob_carr, will let you know if I hear anything.

I'm still poking around to find you an answer as well. Sorry for the delay, @rob_carr!