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Backend nodes goes unreachable from active F5


Hi Team , 

We are facing node reachability issue from Active f5 on evryweeknd (sunday ) but this happens only from the Active F5 and for few VIP/pools only ..

We simply failover the f5 to standby and issue resolves and then failback to standby ..

Has anyone faced such issue ? We have virtual appliance configured on the ESXi host . 

Before opening a TAC case , Can anyone confirm if you have faced similar problem ? 

I did not find anything on the audit logs which indicates some sceduled jobs running at tht time ..What else can be checked ?



We had a similar issue. It was resolved after disabling Proxy ARP at gateway firewalls. 

But this happens for only few pool emebers and only on the weekend at 11:00 am CET .


HI Team ,

Cn anyone please suggest what we can check ?

if it is that predictable you should run a packet capture on the big-ip and one of the servers. you will probably see the traffic stop and arps not being answered. that is what to focus on next, where does it get lost.

On F5 I am getting reset packet from backend server but I don't think its server who is sending the reset packet ... Because on standby f5 we do have issue . 

interesting, best way to rule it out is to also packet capture on the server itself.

anyway if you are sure it isn't the server then it must be something in between. router would be kinda doubtful sending RST, is there a firewall or such perhaps?