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automating UCS archive creation, with date in the file name

In an F5 BIG-IP load balancer, is there a way to achieve the following objectives?


  1. automate / schedule the process of generating / backing up its UCS archives, and
  2. automatically include / append the date (of generating the UCS archive) into the file name of the UCS archive

Hi Michael,

hi eaa,


Thanks for your feedback, and for sharing the link to the F5 iApp for automated backup.


While I do appreciate the many features and capabilities of that F5 iApp, for now I would like to figure out first, just the part about having the date in the file name.


I have tested and confirmed that this CLI command (when scheduled by crontab) can automatically generate a UCS archive, with the F5 load balancer's hostname used as the file name:


tmsh save /sys ucs /var/ucs/$(/bin/hostname).ucs


Is there perhaps something that can be added into that CLI command, so that the date (of generating the UCS archive) will be automatically added into the file name of the UCS archive? (when scheduled by crontab) 


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


add this `date +%m%d%Y`