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active standby


Good day all,


Apologies, i have read f5 documents but can't get hold of how the active-standby on big-ip will work or is configured to work.

Please help to understand how to find out what has been configured in the big-ip for it to behave or activate during a situation where it will change roles from standby to active.


In our self device, i see unicast address has been configured for ha & ha2 but it doesn't show what may cause the change of roles?


Thank you all in advance.



Hello suthomas1,


Everything you need to know is covered in these links below, you will find the answer to your questions.

BIG-IP Device Service Clustering: Administration

BIG-IP Device Service Cluster Configuration (LAB)

BIG-IP Device Service Clustering (video)


The unicast failover configuration uses a self IP address and Traffic Management Microkernel (TMM) switch port to communicate failover packets between each BIG-IP members.



Hi  ,


If you go through the Device Group and Traffic Group, you will get more idea about the HA configuration and failover part. Sync-Failover device group type is responsible for config sync and HA failover to another device when primary active unit becomes unavailable. Traffic group is collection of Floating/Self IPs, Virtual Servers and defines the failover order. In case device device becomes unavailable, traffic group failovers to another available device in a device group.