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30+ different URL to be monitored(api call) - in http monitor is it feasible


30+ different URL to be monitored(API/Service HealthCheck monitor ) - in http monitor is it feasible


so, once either of the API is down on that backend it will direct it to other available backend where that API is available.


Can you elaborate more on your requirement.

If there's an endpoint which is unhealthy, automatically it will be marked unavailable & remaining endpoints in the cluster will answer the calls.

Yes but the question is , can i monitor through http monitor such that where

we can monitor 30+ url on server(pool member) and if out of 30+ url one is not there .....can the traffic goes to other pool member?

Mmm thats 30 end points to be monitored for a given server.

Yes http monitor with and operation will do it. But that would be like creating 30 monitor (each 1 for each endpoint), which is not a right way to implement.

I'd explore the external monitor for this, just a single monitor where I'd put if condition to check all 30 end points. Since it's multiple end points, I don't think you'd be really looking for a particular keyword, but would go with http status code.