HTTP Backport - A variation of f5.http delivered with TMOS

Problem this snippet solves:

v1.0.3 Adds support for attaching a pre-existing ASM policy when deploying on BIG-IP v11.4.0 and later (template supports BIG-IP v11.3 and later).

v1.0.4 Fixes an issue with the associated cli script that could prevent users from importing iApp templates

v1.1.0 Adds AFM and APM profile selection. Note: there is now a dedicated page for the v1.1.0 iApp template:

v1.2.0 Contains a fix for users upgrading from the legacy 11.3 variable schema.

Code :

Published Mar 11, 2015
Version 1.0

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  • Thanks Fred - this makes it easy to associate an ASM policy in addition to the basic LTM configuration performed in the initial version of this iApp, super cool.