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Early Release

This updated version of the Remote Logging iApp template configures basic Remote High-Speed Logging on a BIG-IP system for Network Firewall (BIG-IP AFM) and/or Application Security (BIG-IP ASM). The iApp can create separate logging profiles, or use the same profile for both ASM and AFM. It also now includes the ability to log IP Intelligence events, if the BIG-IP system has an active IP Intelligence license.


The AFM and/or ASM module must be licensed and provisioned. Logging servers must be configured to accept messages from the self IP address(es) of the BIG-IP system.

The template supports BIG-IP v11.4 and later.

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Published Mar 11, 2015
Version 1.0

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  • I deployed this iApp, but it appears to simply add a remote logger to the ASM Even Logging rather than a High Speed Logger that is configured as a pool in TMM. Can you confirm? Our goal is to setup a HSL for the ASM events which include All Request/Responses.