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Apr 25, 2019

Workaround for Bug ID 667707: LTM policy associations with virtual servers are not ConfigSynced correctly



we were facing this bug:


2019-04-25 - There is no workaround at this time.


Configuration error: The bot-defense-asm profile /Common/asm_policy_1 was added to virtual server /Common/vs1 but it does not match the asm-controlling policy. The bot-defense-asm profile is added to the virtual server automatically.

What works for us: Check the ASM configuration (AMS policy list with binded virtual servers) on StandBy node compare to Active node - should be the same.


For example - When you have created new ASM policy (and bind it to the virtual server used by another ASM policy) on Active node there is needed to do the same manualy also on StandBy node if the error (Bug ID 667707) appears.


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  • There is usualy needed to get ASM part (ASM Policy List with Virtual servers) on StandBy node to the same shape manualy as on Active node when LTM sync issue appears. (Mainly in cases of new ASM policy / removed ASM policy / rebinding virtual servers to the ASM policy.)