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Jul 14, 2014

Where's "Welcome to F5 Networks" on Webtops

Where's "Welcome to F5 Networks" on Webtops so I can make changes?


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    I spent a bit of time on this, so hope this helps someone else:


    Access > Policies/Profiles > Customization > General. Click the "Text" tab in the left pane. Open Webtops folder, select your webtop > Full webtop settings.


  • In the BIG-IP management GUI, under Access Policy - Customization (Advanced), click on the Localization tab. Drill down to Customization Settings - Webtops - [your webtop] - Full Webtop Settings - Header Message.


  • It looks like I have to change the webtop_header_message based on the below. But I can't find this variable...

    It’s coming from this page: 
        LogoutWelcome to F5 Networks
  • Thank you for researching this and providing this valuble "how to" guide.  Very useful.