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Apr 02, 2011

Where I can get licensing type and pricing info for LTM VE 10.2.1?

Hi There,



We need to test our services offerring. Buying a hardware F5 is toooooo expensive, for testing lab environment, which actually asks for no more than 100Mbps, even lower.. so we are consider the VE for testing and hardware for production, may i query the licensing of the VE and pricing info?






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  • Start here: Click Here



    You can also download the trial LTM VE for free to test limited traffic deployments (1.5M max)
  • we used to use the LTM VE 10.1.0 in our testing lab, and physical F5 in our datacenters in NA and APAC. we recent has some design change, which need to use 10.2.1 version of the F5 base, so the LTM VE 10.1.0 cannot satisfy the testing anymore. that's why i am trying to get the F5 VE 10.2.1 licensing model and quotation.



    i tried to contact F5 China 800-- phone and the technical support line, they said they will contact me soon, but i am not sure how soon it well be.


  • Maybe you can check with F5 distributors in China:





  • My reply is probably not timely for this particular issue - but if your company already purchases F5 equipment, it's likely that they have an existing relationship with F5 Sales. As such, you might want to contact the people within your organization about whom they've spoken with at F5 in the past - that might be a faster route to getting price quotations.