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Jul 19, 2012

What should my proxy buffer low be?

Hi all,



I have a public IIS6 web application behind my 3900 series v10.2.3 LTMs. We currently use the built-in TCP LAN and WAN optimisation profiles with a couple of modifications.



I'd like to further optimise these profiles if possible to gain some performance improvement for our user base. Reading Jason's article here - - the "Proxy Buffer High" and "Proxy Buffer Low" settings have caught my attention.



I understand that the proxy buffer high value should be set just higher than the maximum object size. This is fine as I can analyse my IIS logs to ascertain the biggest object size and set the value just a little higher than that.



What I'm not so sure about is the best value for the proxy buffer low setting. The deployment guide for tuning OneConnect ( states that the proxy buffer low value = proxy buffer high - (N x server-side MSS) where N is the desired number of maximum-size packets on the server-side, and should not be lower than 75% of the proxy buffer high value.



Er, what is my desired number of maximum-size packets on the server side? The deployment guide uses 2x MSS but what drives this multiplier? I mean, I can't see any relationship to the number of nodes, so is it their capability or OS etc?



Or am I over-thinking all this and should instead just copy the deployment guide above and stick with 2x MSS?




Thanks, Steve
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