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Feb 28, 2022

what is the length of RFC content-length ?

Hi guys I need your help!!

I need check RFC HTTP content-length

but I can't found documents,,, so, Please let me know if you know that 

thank you !

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      thank you for share information

      I checked "Invalid action:0x10a010 Server sends too much data. serverside " this log 

      and checked relate documents on f5 

      but I don't know RFC contents length ,, is this define the length ? or rule ? 

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        Are you using Performance L4 VS? If yes, remove HTTP Profile. 

        If not, the message may indicate that the response received from the back-end server is not RFC compliant. You should first and foremost modify and correct the back-end server behavior. There is a workaround to change this while you wait for your backend to comply to the RFC.

        Impact of workaround: The impact of the suggested workaround depends on the specific environment. F5 recommends testing any such changes during a maintenance window with consideration to the possible impact on your specific environment. A testing environment would be ideal.

        1. Log in to the TMOS Shell (tmsh) by entering the following command: tmsh
        2. To enable the tmm.http.passthru.invalid_content_length database key, enter the following command: modify /sys db tmm.http.passthru.invalid_content_length value enable Error Message: 011f0016:3: http_process_state_prepend - Invalid action:<code> Server sends too much data