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Feb 14, 2019

What are differences in personality of Bigiq Centralized Management (cm) & Data collection Device (DCD) ?

Hi All,


While I was reading about Bigiq, there was mention I have to select one of below mention personality at then time of licensing.


Big IQ- Centralized Management (CM)


Big IQ Data collection Device (DCD)


Can you please refer any documents or kindly describe the major differences?


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  • You are correct but you can deploy either "BIG-IQ CMD only" or "BIG-IQ CMD and DCD".


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    vaibhav MD,


    Big IQ- Centralized Management (CM) is the management platform itself, and your single pane of glass to manage BIG-IPs, and modules such as LTM.


    Big IQ Data collection Device (DCD) is where you can send logs from your devices, which allows BIG-IQ CM to use them for analytics, alerting etc.


    DCD is a free license too.


    Hope this helps,




  • Thanks a lot for support Dear Nathan, Fozail, Rob Carr.


    I have one query .. with CM I can’t collect data and this is only to centrally manage all BigIP device. And with DCD we will get logs data to analytics, alerting etc, but we can not manage our device.