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Jul 01, 2011

WGET for Health Monitor

A requestor has asked that I set up a custom health monitor to do a WGET http request to his servers. I am new to F5 LTM, but have tried several times to set this up for him as a regular GET and as a WGET. I cannot seem to find any documentation regarding the specifics of how to configure the send strings. I have tried both GET and WGET of the following string:



GET /ClusterHealthCheck/index.html HTTP/1.1



I should recieve a response of "success" so have been using the following recieve string:






Can someone please provide advice or a place I might go to find documentation on how to configure a proper send string?






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  • Hi Darpow,



    You shouldn't need to use WGET to monitor a web server. You can use an inbuilt HTTP monitor to send just about any static request. Here's an example send string for 10.2.0+:



    GET /ClusterHealthCheck/index.html HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: \r\nConnection: Close\r\n\r\n



    Set the receive string as:






    For more info, you can check this page:




  • Thank you Aaron. This fixed me right up. Is there a document I can read that will clarify when the Host: and Connection: parameters are necessary. I notice most of the other monitors in my LTM do not use those options.


    Thanks again,