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Mar 27, 2023

websocket configuration


I am new in F5 LTM, I would like to know the prerequisites to make an application work with the websocket protocol (WSS), I mean by that:
Type of VS ( standard/FastL4/ others) ?
Profile  ?
Certificate Yes/No ?
FYI, I have version 15.x on the F5 , and Server Backend ended SSL connection  (so i can delete it if needed)


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  • Hello,

    selecting the virtual server profiles depend on your needs and how F5 will process traffic. For example, if you are intending to protect your application using ASM, so you need to terminate the SSL on F5 so the traffic can be inspected, and then based on that, specific profiles must be used on the F5 VS (for example VS type: standard, HTTP profile, SSL profiles...). If you are going to load balance the traffic only, you might think of another vs type (for example performance L4) and so on. Also, type of persistence should be considered because it might affect selecting the vs profiles. and you can apply WebSocket Profile on performance and standard virtual servers.