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Jan 08, 2021

webpage not loading with http profile

I have a VIP configured with service port 8444 and pool members are configured with port 8444. When i add http profile to the VIP, web page is not loading. It's working without http profile and there...
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    Jan 08, 2021

    Your traffic is ssl traffic. You shouldn't apply a http profile without offloading the traffic.


    To help this understand, when you send the traffic over secure (https - your vip is on port 8444), the ltm needs to know what traffic its receiving and process it accordingly. When you apply http profile, it is expecting a http traffic and can process only http functionalities. But without offloading it on the ltm, its still a https traffic. So flow breaks, to avoid this, you can offload it first using a clientssl profile and then inspect the layer 7 attributes with http profile.


    So when you remove it, its acting as a passthrough. When you apply it, it's acting as l7 traffic.