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Mar 28, 2019

vs wilcard performance l4 problem intervlan routing

Hi there, 

i hope you are doing well, i'm checking that has a virtual server wildcard a performance l4 and has a pool, and has one pool address that is the gw from the upstream vlan is the external vlan in this example is the

so in here is marking like a tcp, so when a i make a ping from the vlan internal in this example host to another host in the network the ping is working and in the virtual address there is no ticket icmp but in the spanning ticket is marked, but in any case if put TCP and not ICMP ping should't work

so from my point of view i'm thinking that the is sending all the traffic that the vs_wildcard matching to the upstream firewall that has the same ip address that thas in the pool firewall

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  • so the intervlan routing is doing the fw? why doing this way? what about recommendation that f5 does:



    which method is prefer? because what i want is to make it that f5 has all the invervlan routing and in the fw i see some traffic and when i captured traffic i see that in the ethernet header f5 mac src to dst mac firewall


    ltm virtual /Common/vs_wildcard { destination /Common/ ip-protocol tcp mask pool /Common/firewall profiles { /Common/fastL4 { } } source source-address-translation { type automap } translate-address disabled translate-port disabled vlans { /Common/link_Trunk_Vlan2 } vlans-enabled