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Dec 22, 2011

Vmware View iApp for Edge




I'm looking for a Vmware View iApp that can be used on an F5 Edge. My units are licensed for Edge only, thus without LTM. If I start the available iApp for Vmware view in 11.1-HF1 it's telling me that I need an LTM license.


The combi with Edge and add-on LTM is not existing, only LTM with APM.



My question is there an new iApp available that can be used on a Edge without LTM license?







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  • At this point, There is not an iApp for View that has been built for the Edge GW. We have discussed it internally,but I do not have insight into when one will be developed.



    Should you wish to edit the existing iApp and get it working with Edge, please do share your experiences.