VMware View iApp v1.0.0 and Deployment Guide

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Version: f5.vmware_view.v1.0.0 (see attachments below) Last-changed: 2014-01-17 Tested Version: v11.2, 11.3, 11.4, 11.4.1

Use this template to configure availability, encryption, and remote access for VMware View. This template will configure the BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) module as well as Access Policy Manager (APM) for environments using Security Servers in conjunction with Connection Servers or Connection Servers only.

For the associated View deployment guide, see http://www.f5.com/pdf/deployment-guides/vmware-view5-iapp-dg.pdf

Introduced in v1.0.0rc1 are the following features:

  • Added Support for View Versions 5.2
  • Added Active Directory HA support
  • Added support for Active Directory Monitoring
  • Added inline messaging options
  • Added Mac View client auto launch support when using APM
  • Added custom antivirus messaging for failed clients
  • Added advanced configuration options for:

    • Client SSL
    • Server SSL
    • Persistence
    • HTTP
    • Web Acceleration
    • Compression
    • TCP LAN Optimization
    • TCP WAN Optimization
    • OneConnect
    • HTTP request logging
  • You can now use existing or use F5 recommended View server monitor

  • You can now attach existing iRules to APM and Connection Virtual Servers

Introduced in v1.0.0rc2 are the following features:

  • PCoIP Proxy Support (under TMOS v11.4 only)
  • Optional two factor authentication using SecurID with AD
  • Optional View Client disclaimer notification

Introduced in v1.0.0rc3 are the following features:

  • Monitor now supports connection servers using HTML 5 software
  • Added additional inline messaging

Introduced in v1.0.0rc4 are the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed errors in presentation when APM is not provisioned

Introduced in v1.0.0rc5 are the following bug fixes:

  • LDAP monitor username and password now accepts spaces
  • Drop down for available RSA servers appropriately displays available RSA AAA profiles.
  • Resolved error when utilizing TCP queuing options noted in advanced mode

Introduced in v1.0.0rc6 are the following bug fixes: * Removed LTM provision requirement to support APM only licensing

Introduced in v1.0.0rc7 are the following features and bug fixes:

  • Added support for Horizon View 5.3
  • Modified the question asking about USB redirects to be for View 5.0 only. Added an explanatory note (see page 20)
  • Resolved issue when using BIG-IP partitions
  • Resolved issue with using MOTD
  • Resolved issue when antivirus option was turned off

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Published Mar 11, 2015
Version 1.0

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