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Jul 05, 2012

VMware View iApp breaks ConfigSync

When I just added the vmware_view_5.2012_06_14.tmpl iApp template to one of the two devices I have in an 11.2.0 HF1 HA Pair, it then breaks my ConfigSync capabilities.




Here is the specific error that happens when you try and sync:




[sync error on /Common/bigip4ve_root]: Load failed from /Common/ 01070712:3: Caught configuration exception (0), ERROR app_template - /Common/f5.vmware_view_5.2012_06_14 definition: line 42 [Proc not found][tmsh::run_proc f5.vmware_view_5.2012_06_14.cli_script:is_bigip_version_equal_or_later 11.2.0] line 86 [use curly braces to avoid double substitution][$dot_location] line 304 ["\r" has no meaning. Did you mean "\\r" or "r"?][{\r}] line 306 ["\n" has no meaning. Did you mean "\\n" or "n"?][{\n}] - sys/validation/AppTemplateAction.cpp, line 361.




If I delete the iApp Template ConfigSync Resumes.




Any thoughts?


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    Fixed it by uploading the iApp to both devices then performed a successful sync.



    I’m going to open a support case because I can usually upload it to one device and sync it over.





  • I would be curious to see what you find out. I am seeing the exact same behavior.
  • This is an unfortunate bug where the iApp scripts aren't synched during a config sync if they're in a separate folder. Please open cases with F5 Support if you encounter this issue or would like it to be fixed in a future version. You can reference BZ382051.



    The workaround is to import the iApp on both units manually. Unfortunately, when you modify the config on both units, you'll want to reset the sync leader using tmsh on the unit that has the most current config:



    tmsh modify cm device-group DEVICE_GROUP_NAME devices modify { DEVICE_NAME { set-sync-leader } }


    tmsh run cm config-sync to-group DEVICE_GROUP_NAME


    tmsh show cm sync-status



    Thanks, Aaron
  • While you're talking with Support, you could also request to have a case attached to this related request for enhancement:



    Bug 376309 - RFE: provide ability to sync in any direction, disregard timestamp



    Thanks, Aaron