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Nov 19, 2011

VMware player and bigip ltm lab VM

VMware player 4.0.1 automatically converts the .ova vm downloaded from f5 to .vmdk format, runs the vm without problems, but only boots to the cli version. I am not sure how to start the f5 GUI interface from there. Should I be able to run the GUI in this configuration? I am using the 10.x f5 vm version.



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  • make sure the mgmt interface belongs to a virtual network reachable from one of your defined vnic's. once your IP addresses are configured (pc and BIGIP) you should be able to hit the GUI interface in a browser.
  • once you are in clie type config and press enter then you can add your IP address or use the default IP range. remember to add the default G/W IP then you can type the IP into your browser