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Feb 20, 2012

Virtual LTM_Ver 10.1.0

I am very very new to this product and installing Virtual LTM and now i am facing an error while activating my product...I could connect to my box with my management IP and the licensing doesnot gets completed and when i am accessing same through terminal server it says "Inoperative error"..Any guesses why am i getting this error and what should i do to get rid of this and i am also sure that my box license is still not active..Any help would be Appreciated

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  • Are you able to connect via a browser to the management interface? What error do you get or what do you see when the licensing doesn't complete?



    If the admin GUI isn't working for you, can you connect to the management IP via SSH? If so, you can run:



    get_dossier -b "base key"



    replace base key with your actual base reg key. Then go to, activate the license using the string you got from the get_dossier command and save the license file as /config/bigip.license on the LTM VE. These steps are outlined in SOL2595:



    SOL2595 - Installing a new license file from the command line