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Jul 07, 2011

VIPRION design

Please correct my concept if I am wrong, if three 8950 in one data centre, & another three 8950 is another data centre both data centre bigip appliances are managed by one gtm and running in Active/active in different cluster , all six appliances sharing the load.


Is it possible we can replace one data center 8950 units with viprion and achieve the same above active/ active benefits? I know for HA hardware and software should be similar but units are in two different data centres/clusters and managed through gtm , I believe for one data centre appliaces should be similar while it may have HA if other data centre is configured with different series of bigip


Please advice






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    As far as the GTM is concerned, it shouldn't care whether you're load balancing to a Viprion or a set of 8950s, you'd just have to make sure your monitors and configs are changed accordingly. But yes, assuming you get the same config set up on the Viprion there's no reason you shouldn't be able to have GTM balance traffic to both data centers still.



    You wouldn't be able to make the Viprion an HA partner with the 8950s in the other DataCenter, because it wouldn't have an identical config (I assume), but if it's running independently and being balanced traffic by GTM, that should work.



  • The only concern I'd have about using disparate platforms for an active-active datacenter scenario is that you make sure the two sets of LTMs are relatively even in terms of capacity. You wouldn't want to load up one side that has more capacity, have a failure in that DC and then not be able to handle the full load in the other DC.