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May 29, 2020

VE (perpetual Lab License) stuck in REACTIVATE LICENSE after upgrade from 12 to 14

Greetings to All,


I tried to upgrade a VE (perpetual Lab License) from version 12 to 14. After reboot no longer have management access. Consoled from Hyper V and saw it's prompt is in REACTIVATE LICENSE state. Looks like config was not loaded after upgrade.


Prior to upgrade did click Re-activate License from GUI. Probably was not successful or something. Is there anyway to recover the box? I will appreciate.



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  • Give a try to check license state and re-activate it through cli. ​

    Also if configuration is not getting loaded, try it through cli using "load sys config"

    Hope it helps!


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      Appreciate your reply Mayur and apologize replying late. ​This is a sandbox and after the weekend I had to prioritize production needs today. Also I have to involve another team to get console access. I am looking in to installing a program to tunnel the serial port data to a TCP port so that I can remote in independently. Once I get a chance I will look in to it and let you know how it goes. Once again thanks a lot.

  • Probably I'm dead in the water. Perpetual lab license was courtesy of F5 SE. I tried to Re-activate license manually and finished the process but service check is not allowing to upgrade.


    Licensed On     2017/07/12

    Service Check Date 2017/03/01

    Platform ID     Z100h


    Active Modules

     BIG-IP, VE, LAB 


    Lesson learned I guess and may help someone down the road if somebody confirms.