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Dec 04, 2019

VCMP Increase /var Directory

Hi all,


I have seen K14952 in regards to increasing directories on a VE. I have also reviewed K24156414 regarding increasing the disk space on a VCMP guest, however this seems cover increasing the size of HD1 rather than any of the directories. Can K14952 be used to increase the /var directory on physical units or VCMP guests as well? The use case here is that /var only has 3GB of disk space, so storing more than two UCS files (~500 MB) on the box in addition to the APM clients and EPSEC packages can quickly use that 3GB. I'm aware that best practice is to download a UCS off the unit and I'm also aware that I change the thresholds disk usage alerts via K8865. I'm trying to gauge if increasing /var is even possible or worth it.


Thanks in advance!

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  • Yes, you can (it's just a LVM volume).


    You may need to increase the disk size first to give you some free space for LVM to extend /var


    However, the change will probably be lost if you upgrade the version of BigIP.