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Mar 06, 2012

v10 to v11 Migration

I have a pair of 6400's running 10.2 that I would like to migrate to v11. My concern is that HA configuration has completely changed in v11, and I'm not sure how the upgrade process would handle this. Because I have no sync groups/device groups/etc configured in v10, what is going to happen to my active/passive v10 configuration once they are upgraded?



Has anyone successfully completed a v10->v11 migration? All of my v11 instances have been new installations at this point.










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  • Sorry, I didn't see the thread already in this forum regarding this. I'll review:





  • we aren't leading the pack by any means, but am in the midst of moving from 6400's to Viprion and from V10 to V11 at the same time.


    just completed my last configuration migration to the new boxes.. a dry run. think i got it down.


    then decided to check through Devcentral to see what other tips might be around.



    three HA pairs of 6400's going to a pair of Viprion occupying 3 guests.



    a few snags, but for the most part it is going well. the bigger was that the Viprion chassis handles the interfaces and trunks so the guests don't need them. A few edits of the config files repaired that. then used that as a time to cleanup some of the names to make them consistent as well.
  • Hi Brad,


    could you please share any gotchas/caveats and steps you took during your migration from 6400 to Viprion?




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      Your question one on 6400 to Viprion or version 10 to 11? The former is much more straightforward than the latter, which changed the HA. Let me assume you are staying on the same version and doing a platform migration. The config should come through just fine, your HA config would be setup the same but you probably have to reestablish device trust.. absolutely necessary if you change the management IP addresses on the new boxes (gotcha). Then it would be a change to the network interfaces. These are no longer done on the guests they are on the chassis... edit them out of your configurations and then define your interfaces and VLANs and trunks on the chassis/host, and assign the ones to the guests as needed for the guest. slick.
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      thanks Brad. sorry for not being clear. i am doing a migration from big ip 8900 on v10 to Viprion on version v11, so both platform change and version change at the same time (my timeline does not allow upgrade the current platform to version 11 and then platform change). any insight would be greatly appreciated :)