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Nov 20, 2020

Using the partition self IP to communicate with the pool member defined in the common partition


We have a setup where the same pool members needed to be defined in the common partition. This was a requirement as two different Pools needed to access the same pool members and these pools are in different partitions.

The pool members are on a different layer 3 network and we have to traverse some traditional firewalls to reach them.

The challenge we have is that both Pools use the same self IP of the first partition to reach the pool members. We would like to force each pool to use the self IP of his specific partition to reach the pool member. Has anybody faced this issue and found a workaround for it?


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  • Can you show the relevant self IP and pool configurations, including their partition names, please? An iRule with "intelligent SNAT" may be possible, but the configuration info would help to see the relationship between these objects.