DevCentral Community Guidelines

Be polite and respectful of the community and its members. The community is made up of F5 users, employees, partners, distributors, enthusiasts, evangelists, experts, n00bs, and more. We ask that you please not engage in disrespectful, insulting, berating, or condescending language or behavior.

Post with detail, and comment constructively. While we absolutely value the lurkers in our community, we ask that if you decide to engage more actively, you do so with the first guideline in mind. What is obvious to you may be completely unknown to someone else. Please use tact and civility; avoid provocation. Clickbait, spam, and spamdexing are right out.

Remember that a healthy community is largely comprised of unpaid volunteers. One thing we love to see is people learning and people teaching. One thing we don’t love to see is a sense of entitlement to anyone else’s time or knowledge. We help each other as and when we can, so there should never be an expectation of free on-demand support.

Do not share personal or private information or anything you do not want in the wild, including in private messages. This includes address, phone numbers, credit card information, passwords, and other sensitive information (including unsanitized code). If you see this happening, or anyone asks you to do this, please let the team know by reporting the request as inappropriate content.

Please DO:

  • Engage at whatever level you are comfortable, whether that is just reading articles and shared code, asking questions, answering questions, or contributing more deeply.
  • Use the Search function to see if someone has already asked/answered the question you have before posting
  • Keep conversations on track
  • Provide factual information to the best of your knowledge
  • Cite sources if not posting your own original content
  • Include context/reasoning for linking to off-platform content. This serves to increase trust in your intention and reduce the likelihood of delays associated with manual and automatic SPAM reporting.
  • Report any abuse you see in the community by using the link on the comment or article, or by sending us an email

Please DO NOT:

  • Be rude/spam/troll
  • Divert from the original topic of a thread
  • Threaten, intimidate, or insult
  • Post illegal, sexual, or religious content
  • Doxx anyone
  • Impersonate an F5 employee or anyone else
  • Link to offsite content without providing some context, or links which violate either these community guidelines or the DevCentral End User License Agreement (EULA). 

Violation of these guidelines will typically result in a communication from a Community Manager with instructions on how to resolve the violation. Continued violations may result in a temporary or permanent ban from the community. Clickbait, spam, and spamdexing are right out.

v1.1 (26.04.2022)

Updated Apr 26, 2022
Version 4.0

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