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Oct 17, 2021

Using service port lists


I am a little stuck and was hoping someone can point me in the correct direction.


I have a single node ( which has 2 applications running on it (application 1 on port 8080 and application 2 on port 9090)


I have created the Node entry in LTM using the GUI (

I have created a Pool called "Default_Pool"

I have created a VS called "Default_VS" with the IP

I have created a Port List called "Default_Port_List" and associated it with the VS "Default_VS". My port list contains both port 8080 and 9090


I am stuck now as to how to do I add the same node with 2 different ports as a member of the same pool "Default_Pool".


How do I ensure that traffic from the Default_VS ( on port 8080 is only hitting the node on port 8080 ?



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  • A simple solution is to simply create two virtual servers, one at port 8080 that load balances to a pool with one member at, and another at port 9090 that load balances to a different pool with one member at You can have two virtual servers listening on the same IP address but different ports and two pools with the same underlying node. This solution does not require port lists or any sort of logic via an iRule or Local Traffic Policy to examine the port on the client-side request and select the appropriate pool member.