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Feb 04, 2012

Using EM as a monitoring console for developers

I'm about to learn and setup Enterprise manager and I have a scenario that I would like to go over before I burden some of my colleagues with more work. ;)



In a nutshell, I'd like to setup EM as a web page to view active/inactive pools on several LTM's. I would have dozens and dozens of developers that want to understand which active server is receiving traffic and which isn't.




Now, I have the option of setting up a website, and use iControl, but I'd like to explore this option first.




The developers cannot be able to do any administrator tasks, their only ability is to observe. They would login through an LDAP service into the EM while the LTM's are left to the Admins/Operators to perform tasks.




Is this possible? Or am I really misunderstanding EM and it's purpose?




Any help/advice is appreciated.




We have >10 LTM's and EM was kinda overkill for what we needed.


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    Have you checked out the EMPerfMon Guide? There's a user group setup by Joe back in 2010. It's only a description of the information available in the database (Schema and says subject to change :), but it's a start on what information is available.



    As for custom pages... Mmm... Not sure. I know how to edit the web content on the BigIP platform, but it won't be supported :)






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    A link to the group...





  • What I wrote was confusing Hamish but thanks for trying.



    Here is the question written in a more straight forward manner.



    I'd like to have read only users log in to EM and check statistics and log in via LDAP


    at the same time


    I'd like to have the administrators log into their respective LTM's and GTM's independently via TACACS.



    Can I do this? Have others done this? Is there a better way?



    Note: The administrators work for a different company and shared access is a contract issue. I'm also aware that EM connects to each applicance via an administrator account and that might make this difficult.