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Mar 23, 2023

Upload iFiles to Bigip from Samba share

Good morning,  I've got a usecase that I don't know how to implement it.  We would like to upload each day some CRL Files from a windows samba share to our bigip and make them available with an I...
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    Apr 04, 2023

    Hi Adrien_Dopchie 

    I wouldn't recommend having the BIG-IP be the controlling agent here, but if you want to do that, the smbclient executable is on the host and can be used with a bash script like:


    smbclient //$SMBSRV/$SMBSHARE -U $SMBUSER%$SMBPASS -c "get $FNAME"
    if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
        echo "$FNAME retrieved"
        echo "$FNAME not retrieved"


    You could then have an iCall script with a periodic handler at whatever interval you wish execute the bash script, then create an iFile from its contents.

    Personally, I'd move all the control off the BIG-IP and have an externally managed process (could also be a simple script, but documented in an operational procedure) check the share for updates to that file and upload them to BIG-IP and then modify the iFile as needed.