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Jul 23, 2014

upgrading from v10 to v11 - iRule migration

Hi ! I am trying to migrate config from v10 F5 appliance to V11 vCMP guest. I have been told to be careful on iRule as the syntax and other things may get affected due to version change. Can someone guid me through best approach to check if the iRule on v10 is still valid in v11 ? Does DevCentral has any artical or download help on things to look for when migration iRule from v10 to v11 ?




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  • Hi Sandip,


    I haven't seen one come out- but I have seen others post on the very same subject


    Is it possible a sanitized version of your iRule. The good folks of this forum should be able to spot things to change or watch out for.




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    Check out this article:



    It details new/deprecated irule commands and events per tmos version. Should help you or be a good start.