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Sep 26, 2023

Upgrade to 15.1.10

Hi, I want to upgrade my BIG-IP to 15.1.10. In previous version upgrade, there is option for Install Configuration (Yes/No) and I can select Source Volume. However, in 15.1.10, I cannot select Sour...
  • Hello Alex_Ng ,

    Sometimes this happens , don't worry you can solve it.

    1. Open bigip Cli , after installing .ISO file in the bootlocation.

    2. use this command on bash:
      cpcfg --source=SLOT --reboot <destination_location>

      For Example if you upgrade from HD1.2 to HD1.3 , this command should be like below : 
      cpcfg --source=HD1.2 --reboot HD1.3​


    Doing that will copy configs from old to new bootlocation then reboot from the new one.

    you will find more options here :