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Dec 22, 2010

Upgrade Q - 1600 GTM from 9.4x to 10.2

Seeing the error as below when running the image2disk utility:



error: status 8192 returned by command: mount -o loop /shared/images/BIGIP- /mnt/tm_install/4268.iBdUDb


info: ++++ result:


info: mount: Not a directory


info: ----


Failure testing installer update status in /shared/images/BIGIP-



Any experiences with this and known resolutions?



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  • A few stabs in the dark:



    Make sure that the ISO is in /shared/images. Verify the md5sum of the ISO matches the .md5 file: md5sum /shared/images/*.iso; cat *.md5. Make sure you're logging into the serial console as root.



    If those steps don't show a problem, you can open a case with F5 Support.



  • Thanks Aaron,



    All above checks done successfully - I will get a case opened.



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    This is a known issue. The installer just didn't have a good way of letting you know the MD5 of that iso file was bad. Copy it back to the directory and try again. Did it end up working?