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Apr 12, 2021

Upgrade from to

Hi! This weekend, we have encountered some issues with upgrading with to which forced us to cancel the upgrade.

When we arrived on the configuration was empty : no VS, no Real Server....empty.

One of my guys presumed that the ciphers for SSL on the new version was different than the one of which caused the box to cancel the import of the configuration.


Any idea ?



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  • Use "tmsh load sys config verify" after the upgrade and fix any error messages (ignore the warnings). You may also save an usc before the upgrade and try using it after that. Don't forget to relicense before the upgrade.



    This is a nice article for such issues:




    Also if you see error message when loading the config use google and the F5 bug tracker ( and search the error, so such errors 99% of the time F5 will have article of bug id in the bug tracker.




    I have never seen issues with the ciphers being different to cause errors in importing the config, so I don't think this is the case. Issues with the ciphers after upgrade are usally SSL handshake failure after the the upgrade with the clients or pool members but not config issues.