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May 30, 2012

undo changes to unapplied profile

i made some changes to a ASM profile i want to undo, would like to return to the situation when the profile was applied for the last time, so discarding all changes made since that moment. is there simple way to accomplish this?


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  • You can restore the last version of the policy under Application Security ›› Security Policies : Policies List : Active Policies. Click on the Applied at timestamp to view past versions of the policy. Select the version you want to restore and click Restore.



  • it seems to work indeed, but it does cause a different name for the profile (can't use the original name), so also different version numbering and such. is that expected?



    probably could use different name, delete original, copy to original name and get there, but still loose old versions though.
  • With the version 12, I tested this. F5 fixed that now, option is there to restore.