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Effective January 21st the Bookmarks, Private Messages, and Following features on DevCentral will be changing. After January 21st the platform will no longer provide access to existing Bookmarks or existing Private Messages. These will be replaced with a new, similar feature which is not compatible with the current system.

Information about how you will be able to "subscribe" to important DevCentral content is on the way, but If you rely on any content in your Bookmarks, Private Messages, or your Following list you must capture that data for yourself, in an off-platform location, or risk losing it permanently.

Some Context

Bookmarks and Private Messages
The team is working hard to improve the community experience and, for a number of reasons (including privacy and trust), the existing system for Bookmarks and Private Messages must be reset.

IMPORTANT: This means existing content will become permanently inaccessible. If you rely on Bookmarks or any information shared in Private Messages please capture that data for yourself prior to Jan 21st.

Following Content
The Articles, Codeshare, and People in Following will also be changing.
1) If you rely on your Follow list I still recommend capturing it for yourself following the steps below before Jan 21st.
2) If you aren't getting this message until after the 21st it may be available upon request by sending an email using this link RE: Following List mailto:DevCentralFeedback.

Further instructions, on how to update your "subscriptions", will be posted in the DevCentral community after January 21st. I apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to providing you with a much more robust subscription experience soon.


To Capture Bookmarks

Navigate to your Bookmark link under the profile icon.

Copy / Pasta from each section.

  • Do not forget about each section and the pagination.
  • A fast and sufficient way is Copy/Paste the text into a text file.
  • I'm not a link-scraping expert but my tests with Chrome extensions did not work well ( all). Capturing the URL's is not required to re-engage with the content later.
  • If you have a LOT of bookmarks or this step presents a problem for you - reach out to us using this link RE: Bookmarks mailto:DevCentralFeedback and we will do our best to help you out.


To Capture Private Messages

  • Navigate to Messages item under your profile icon
  • Again - simple copy/paste efforts from your relevant private messages.


To Capture Content Follows

*** Reminder: Content and People you are following can be requested directly from us at any time - these steps are optional.

  • Navigate to Following item under your profile icon
  • Copy/Paste from each section (similar to bookmarks)


To Capture People Follows

  • Navigate to Profile under the profile icon.
  • Click View All in the Following section.
  • Copy / Pasta as before.

Published Jan 10, 2022
Version 1.0

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