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Aug 19, 2022

Two URL Landing pages for APM


Hoping someone can confirm for me. I have configured my APM with two different policies 

  • PolicyA
  • PolicyB

I want to have two URLs for users to go to and then download the client. 

Right now, policyA is and when they go there, it opens the login page, and they can download the Edge client and it's prefilled with all the correct settings 

How can I add a new address of and have the same setup/config and it connects to a different Edge client with different settings? Is this possible? 


  • Why not just copy the Access policy copy it to a new virtual server and modify the Webtop hosting the file to your new file maybe also use a new connect profile attached to a VS to generate your new file with the new Edge client settings:





    Associating hosted content with access profiles
    A user can access hosted content that is associated with that user's access profile. Each access profile that requires hosted content access must be associated with the entire hosted content repository.
  • Hi,

    So in true engineering system "it depends", its more than doable its just how!
    My first question is how are you managing your DNS, and do you expect one policy to one virtual server IP.
    so two DNS names, linked to two VS IP's. Linked to two APM policies. Job done!
    Or have you got any constraints?
    Like only having 1 IP? (Look up VIP targetting VIP, and the use of LTP - I can help there if needed done it a couple of times)
    You don't have access or granual access to your DNS to make the subdomains.
    Or something else i can't think of at the moment!

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