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Mar 26, 2018

RegEx on Landing URI

Hi Everybody I would have your precious help for a problem i have on F5 APM. My customer connect to their appliance through a SSO portal with a SAML server. My problem is : When customer share an URL to another, for example, when he click on it, they face a F5 page error, despite they are already logged in SSO. The solution is to add the exact URL in VPE. By this way, the customer access directely to the page. You guess is very hard to maintain every URL in the F5 to avoid this problem. I look for a solution to add a landing URI like that : "*". But this solution doesn't work. If you have any idea, don't hesite.


I hope you will understand the description of my problem. Sorry for the english


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  • Hi Jeremie,


    Are all branches based on landinguri or a different hostname?


    in Case of different landinguri on same hostname, why didn't you create only one SAML auth with IDP selection with matching source?


    In any case, you have to make the user to select the IDP auth if the first condition fails, the best solution is to add a logon page with radio or select variable type.


    I want to make a comment on the irule event box... You can replace the ACCESS_POLICY_AGENT_EVENT by ACCESS_SESSION_STARTED which is executed just before Access Policy evaluation, and doesn't require any box in Policy and reduce policy latency.