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Apr 16, 2023

TSPD cookie injecting an extra field which crashes the app

Hello Guys,

We have applied Bot protection for our application. On the first attempt it failed since the ChatBot in the applications stopped working. I don't have much details what happened then but below are few points I got to know about when attempting for the 2nd time.

  1. Device ID was enabled
  2. When a client access the ChatBot the requests re-directs to an external domain. Say
    1. is the domain where the application resides
    2. is the domain where clients are re-directed when accessing the ChatBot
  3. One observation from Devs is that TSPD_101 cookie inserts an extra field in the which eventually crashes the ChatBot


  1. Per K30023210, ASM strips TS cookies before forwarding the request to OWS....Is that correct?
  2. If ASM still forwards requests along with TS cookies, is there any workaround?
  3. As per my understanding TS cookies, thru java scripts, collect client information. But in our case  it injected an extra field. Is that expected/ normal?
  4. If it is expected/ normal, is it possibled to exclude certain form/ scripts from TS cookie inspection?
  5. Is there a way to query the TSPD script to be able to use it in ajax in if that is required?

On 2nd attempt, I have disabled Device ID and whitelisted external domain It's