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May 05, 2011

True-IP persistence or source-IP if it doesn't exsist.

This is a basic derivative of the irule in the last post .


It's a long story of why we're doing this, but we're using a CDN that passes us the "true-client-ip" HTTP header. We want source persistence to our pool with this variable, but sometimes we get traffic that will not be from the CDN. We want source-ip based persistence to our back-end pool in these cases.



Will this do the trick? Is there a more efficient/better way?





if {[HTTP::header exists "True-Client-IP"]}{


set tcip_header [HTTP::header "True-Client-IP"]


} else { set tcip_header [IP::remote_addr] }


if {[active_members Onlinebrands_http_real_server]}{


if {[scan [lindex [active_members –list app_http_pool] [expr {[md5 $tcip_header] % [active_members app_http_pool]}]] {%s %s} ip port] == 2}{


pool app_http_pool member $ip $port










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