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Nov 02, 2011

trasparent monitor inside Router Domain

Hi all,


I would like to know if transparent monitor inside a router domain works in new release11.x.


Today we use the10.2.1 and it does not work (RD does not support ipv6), before update it to the11.x I prefer to know if this problem is corrected.






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  • Hi Mauro,



    11.1 adds support for IPv6 and route domains:






    Route Domains for IPv6



    In this release, Route Domains support IPv6, providing the same capabilities of IPv4, including strict isolation between route domains and overlapping IP addresses, as well as support of a single route domain for both IPv4 and IPv6 virtual servers in the same route domain.




  • Hi Mauro,



    Actually it looks like there is a separate bug for transparent monitor support with an IPv6 pool in a route domain which isn't fixed yet. The ID for this is 246920. You can open a case with F5 Support to check on the status of the fix.