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Feb 17, 2012

Traffic Usage from Specific subnet

I have F5 Link Controller device , i have Vs0/0 on internal vlan & it connetced to Layer 3 switch having 3 subnets ( internal users accessing internet from behind LC device , VS0/0 has a pool with 3 pool members , each representing one ISP ) , is there a method by which i can know tarffic usage for a certain Vlan ? From GUI i can see statistics fro Pool / pool members but not for source Vlan

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  • there are two ideas coming to my mind when reading your question. the first one is to use stats profile.



    Custom Reporting with iRules by Joe




    the other one is a tricky one (don't laugh please :p). i think we may create 3 pools with exact same member. then use irule to send traffic to pool based on source subnet.



    hope this helps.