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Jan 10, 2022

Traffic Policy Reorder

I am on version 16.1.0 and I am trying to reorder the rules in a traffic policy. I create the draft policy and go into the traffic policy, but when i drag a rule to a new position the rule does not move. the circle with the slash shows cannot perform this action.


According to the documentation, just have to be in a draft policy and drag and drop. So is there a database setting that needs to be changed to allow this to happen. is the documentation missing additional step that must be performed in order to allow this operation.

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  • Hello sgnormo, I'm relying on my memory, hope this information will be accurate enough..


    As far as I can remember you should be able to reorder statements as you said, by drag and drop.

    Check the following:

    • What's the policy strategy? Maybe if it's "all matching rules" it'll be disabled since order won't really matter
    • Is this in a configuration partition? Are you using "ALL" partition view by any chance? Make sure to move in correct partition view
    • What's your user privilege? Operations might be limited for non-admin roles


    Also, there's built-in help in "Help" menu once you're in the policy configuration view. Check what's stated for "IDs" .. or whatever the rule ID is called


    Hope this helps


  • i don't see the help. you are right, should just be able to drag/drop within the draft policy. opened a ticket with f5 to see what they say.

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      Help will be always available at the very top of the menu, and displays info related to the menu section you're browsing


  • The answer is quite simply. when the mouse is hovering over a rule a group of dot's shows up left of the rule number. these dots color blends into the background of the web page making it easy to over look. So to reorder a rule, put the mouse pointer of the dots and drag and drop.